fleetguard.jpgFleetguard Filtration

A subsidiary of Cummins which is designer and manufacturer of filtration products for heavy duty diesel engine equipments. In addition to class-leading filtration products that are compatible with engines manufactured by Cummins, the Fleetguard brand offers a versatile range of products for numerous other engine brands. There are filtering solutions for almost all type of engines which are used in Agriculture, Bus and Truck, Construction, Defense, Generator Sets, Industrial, Mining, Marine, Oil and Gas, Railway industries.

Fleetguard Product Range

• Air Intake Filtration
• Coolant Additives (Anti-Corrosive)
• Centrifugal Filtration
• Crankcase Ventilation Filtration
• Liquid( Cooling, Fuel and Lubricating Oil) Filtration
• Hydraulic Filtration ( Industrial and Mobile)
• Liquid( Cooling, Fuel and Lubricating Oil) Analysis Test Kits

Fleetguard Coolants

In the direction of our experience we know that more than %40 of cost of engine repair is related with cooling system problems. While engine repairs may be high costly and time-consuming, sometimes engine replacement may be required.

Fleetguard Coolant Products provides offer unique protection by following an easy maitenance schdule. This makes your engines run longer and more powerful. To provied unique protection for your engines, you can rely on Fleetguard Coolant Products.

All Fleetguard Coolant and Additives are compatible with all other coolant systems available and are used in all diesel, gasoline & natural gas engines.

• Enviroment friendly
• Non-hazardous products in terms of combustion and glare
• Full cooling system protection.
• Low maintenance costs
• Provides uninterrapted process continuity
• Offers practical filling solutions.
• Test kits are available.

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